This image viewer and converter can read from more than 40 formats
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AhaView is an image viewer that can read from more than 40 formats (ANI, BMP, JPG, PSD and so on). It’s a very modest utility, with few features, none of them being out of the ordinary. Probably the most interesting part of this application is the way it automatically filters files as you browse your folders and shows you only the image files, as thumbnails.

The program is easy to use mainly because it does not introduce anything new that could be unfamiliar to most users.

The time this application needs to decode and display an image in full-screen mode is not long but it is still longer in comparison to other similar utilities. If you open a very large image this difference becomes much more noticeable.

The unregistered version is fully functional for a testing period of 30 days. Considering the lack of features and impossibility to extend this piece of software by using plugins, the price for the full version seems unjustified. Furthermore, many image viewers that are free for non-commercial use have many more features.

In conclusion this is a very simplistic image viewer and converter that in my opinion should cost much less.

Alexandru Andrei
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Browser automatically filters image files
  • Supports many file formats
  • Includes a converter


  • Very poor in features
  • Price isn't justified
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